Former Client Support Plans

An added bonus for the families I have helped - 
Support plans just for you!
Returning Clients Only


baby on bed

 Nap Transition




When it is time

to drop a nap

or drop nap time

all together!




  • ​​Personalized Sleep Assessment

  • Personalized Sleep/New Schedule Support Plan

  • Two weeks of ongoing, daily support to ensure progress is going smoothly

  • Celebration Consult to toast to your new, amazing nap situation!



Family at a Beach


Back on Track


For those times you have gotten off track

due to illness,

a big life change,

or just vacation!



  • ​Personalized Sleep Assessment

  • Personalized Sleep Plan

  • 1/2 hour Zoom Support Consult to answer any questions you may have about your Personalized Plan

  • Two weeks of ongoing, daily/nightly support

  • Celebration Consult to toast to your kiddo sleeping well again!




New Baby Familiar Family


When a family familiar

with my sleep coaching

adds a new little one 

 their family!



  • Personalized Newborn Sleep Education 

  • Personalized Sleep Assessment

  • Personalized Sleep Teaching Plan

  • 3 FULL MONTHS of weekly Sleep Support Coaching! 

  • Get your little one sleeping well from the start and have them sleeping through the night at about 12 weeks!        

      (when night feedings are          no longer needed)