New Baby,

 Familiar Family Option

When a new baby joins a family familiar with my Sleep Coaching
you want to Sleep Coach a second child in the family



  • Personalized Sleep Education

  • Personalized Sleep Plan

  • 1 hour Zoom Consultation to review Sleep  Plan and answer any questions you or your spouse may have

  • If child is a Newborn (0-3 months of age)

    • 12 weeks of follow up support access to me via Voxer at 3 designated  times per day.

  • If child is 3 months or older

    • 14 days of follow up support access to me via Voxer at 3 designated times per day​


  • 1/2 hour "You Did It" Goodbye Zoom Consultation including determination of need for follow up Sleep Coaching

  • ADD ON UNLIMITED SUPPORT option for all access support to me via Voxer for your choice of the first 1-3 nights of your plan!